Kristyn's Beautiful Barn Wedding {Vintage Wedding Flowers of Columbus Ohio}

I often look back at this wedding and reflect on the beautiful selection of flowers that our bride, Kristyn so carefully chose to represent the look and feel of their special day. It represents a time for me of new excitement and creativity, as I was just at the beginnings of getting our wedding flower business up and running when I first met Kristyn back in 2011. Our consultation was so much fun as she, I and her friend Emily discussed both of their upcoming weddings. It doesn't happen every day that a bride brings a friend to a consultation and I end up with two bookings, but it happened here, and things kept rolling. Soon after, we were also doing their friend Mikalyn's wedding, and then Mikalyn's sister Megan's wedding. What a fantastic line of referrals! We so appreciate our referrals from past brides, and enjoy seeing familiar faces pop up in wedding pics! After hours of digging through the almost 3-year collection of bouquet pictures from weddings we've done, I am finally sharing images of this fabulous Columbus Ohio wedding that we had the honor of being a part of. Photography by

bouquet of various roses, gardenia, brunia, dusty miller, succulents, cabbage, and much more

Sometimes small bouquets are appropriate, whether it's due to the budget or style of the wedding, but full, lush bouquets full of interest and texture are of course my favorite! Flowers were an important feature of this wedding, and Kristyn wanted the look of full bridesmaid bouquets. When you're deciding how to budget for flowers or where to place an emphasis on decor in a wedding, remember that bridesmaids and their bouquets will be in many of your wedding pictures which will last forever. A tiny bouquet can sometimes makes a bridesmaid's body look larger than it is, widening the appearance of the waist-line. I am so pleased to feature the following image showing bouquets that are not only full of interesting textures and color variation, but are also well-proportioned to their keepers.

loads of full roses, succulents, and silvery accents

Bouquets included succulents, gardenia, cabbage, silver brunia, garden roses such as the peach juliet, white o'hara, and caramel antique, blue hydrangea, billy balls, dahlias, dusty miller, and some locally grown flowers including snapdragons and celosia.

Kristin Livorno.23
Kristin Livorno.22

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